Starting a New Look!

Well today was exciting as my new Nikon 14-22MM F/2.8 lens have arrived. A very versatile wide angle lens. Will be great in the pit, but also in taking interiors of homes with tight kitchens and bathrooms. Very exciting.

Second, I will be adding a commerce page to sell some of my work. I will have 8X10 glossy prints available, and also JPEG's for advertising flexibility in print and websites.

And lastly, my graphic designer created a new logo for my new business. Very clean and simple, yet professional looking. Now if only Apple would stop upgrading the iPhone cameras making everyone a photographer... But alas, my motivation isn't to replace my other 3 businesses. It's all about the music and the artists that create it. With a new camera, a Nikon D4 and a new Nikon 70-200MM F/2.8 zoom lens on the way, my next concert shoot should have great results. I should have pictures up by April 11, 2017