Great weather for a busy weekend in two locations.

Saturday, 78 degrees and clear skies. North to Deland, Florida hosted Delandapalooza, 125 artists from 1PM to 1AM. A very cool event where many side streets are closed with stages every few blocks, lots of walking and crossing streets. If your a concert photographer, a real smorgasbord.  I saw 6 artists in the four hours I was there, of course working for The Melissa Crispo Band was the reason I was there so the majority of the time was spend at her stage for her performance. Then went to dinner with the band before the hour and a half drive home. The conditions were perfect, but the sun was behind the stage so I was shooting into the shadow of the stage with little stage lighting. Mostly shot at 200 ISO.

Sunday was picture perfect as well. Same weather as Saturday but a bit breezier. South to Ponce Inlet on the Indian River at Earl's Hideaway just of the East cost. The venue is an outside bar with a sand floor in the middle of a bamboo cove on two sides, the water complete with boats on one side and finally the establishments building. The venue was much rowdier as it usually is when The Stacy Mitchhart Band comes South From Nashville once a year every spring. As I have know the band for 12 years, my access isn't restricted and great shots are abundant, the player even mug for the camera as they enjoy Florida in the spring and you can tell they are just having a great time after winter in Nashville.

So, my two favorite bands, back to back. It doesn't get any better. But I am exhausted and I still have to edit both photo shoots which will be around eight hours of work. Of which I will start tomorrow after I have an interior photo shoot for my main business, real estate, as I will be listing that home on Tuesday. I can't wait to use my new 14-24mm f/2.8 wide angle lens for that shoot, but I digress, I did shoot with that lens at the beginning of the Melissa Crispo Band shoot as the stage was large, but I predominately shot both days with 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom as I was so close to both bands. Unlike if I attended the Tamp Bay Blues Festival which was going on Friday to Monday in St. Petersburg. That was a great show as well as I have been seeing pictures on social media all weekend. But, I was where I wanted to be and supporting my two very favorite artists.

I will start posting the band shots and some crowd shots starting Tuesday. Enjoy and comment please.