Getting The Right Equipment

As I have previously stated, I own really nice camera equipment as I take advertising pictures for my Real Estate Brokerages, Resident Team Realty LLC and Toni's Property Management LLC. But the atmosphere that I use that equipment is the complete opposite of Concert Photography. The obvious different is the subjects are moving and the lighting is much different in concert venues. Real Estate in most cases, the sun is the source of lighting, and you are taking stills.

When I started doing more concert photography, I realized I needed completely different equipment. I need faster cameras and faster lenses. The lens' F stops have to be lower to let in enough light to properly expose the subject. This type of photography goes against any camera settings in the auto mode. But, equipment still does not replace instincts needed for concert photography, it just reduces time spent in the editing process by having better quality shots to deal with.

From dark under lit  bar venues to well lit larger concert venues, I still feel I have the best seat in the house and have the pictures to prove it.