Bob Green and The Whiskey Conspiracy Florida Music Festival, Orlando, FL 5/12/2018


Saturday 5/12/2018 was the last day of the 18th Florida Music Festival’s 3-day concert event. 150 local unknown bands on 15 stages throughout downtown Orlando, Florida looking to get signed and discovered by a record label. The festivals final act was Alabama born Bob Green and The Whiskey Conspiracy, performing on stage in the historic Cheyenne Saloon.


The Whiskey Conspiracy is a 6-piece ensemble complete with an electric violin. At first glance the audience would assume they were about to hear a country music set. But, this band is alternative rock with country roots. Bob Green has a full voice that any country singer would be envious of, but he is much more versatile in style and range. Bob Green is currently ranked the number one singer songwriter on ReverbNation in the Orlando area.


Bob has been playing guitar 15 years. He started playing his Junior year as an art student a college in Birmingham, Alabama. After college Bob moved to Orlando, Florida and released his first album "Diamonds and Dead Roses", a blend of Blues, Rock, and Country. 2011 his second effort was released “Eloquent Profanity”. After a five-year hiatus from recording, Bob release is third album entitled “Pop and Soul” in 2016. Since then, Bob Green has been writing songs and will be back into the studio soon.


The evening started with an unrecorded song “Back to Neverland”, followed by a crowd favorite “Ghosts” from the “Pop and Soul” CD. The band then played “Time to Go” another unrecorded single. Next, was the country influenced single “Atlanta”, also from “Pop and Soul”. Bob then had a surprise and unveiled a song he wrote on Tuesday this week, “The Whites”. Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” was the final song of the set, which I am sure will be remembered by all in attendance, as they sang along with Bob. Bob Green’s vocal strength, soulful delivery, and versatility are really an enjoyable pleasure in a show that encompasses different genres and somehow, he brings it all together.


The Whiskey Conspiracy this evening was comprised of Bobby Fazioli (Bass), Michael Whitaker (Drums), Ted Herrera (Guitar), David Lopez (Keyboards), Emily Rebbeca Misura (Violin) and Bob Green (Lead Vocals/Guitar).  

I have had the please of seeing Bob Green perform in 2016 in singer songwriter contest, then again in a local club last year. He seems to get better every time I hear him. Keep an eye open and an ear out for “Bob Green and The Whiskey Conspiracy”, it is a show you don’t want to miss. Seriously, an alternative rock show with a violin. Who doesn’t want to see that?