A time to reflect.

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Well if you been following along with my story here in my blog, it's been a great journey. From deciding to get serious about concert photography, getting the equipment for the job, getting credentialed, to actually getting published and writing concert reviews. 


Juggling my three business and working on my new art is harder than i originally thought. This week alone I had a shoot on Tuesday an hour away in Melbourne, Fl., The Joe Bonamassa Blues/Rock show. It was wild as there was heightened security and many limitations on where I had to stand and for how long. The other photographer at the event thought he would challenge the restrictions and he was asked to leave after the first song. I got lucky, when I finished the third song, the venue asked if I would like to continue shooting in the confines of the video room. Luckily I had brought my 300mm lens with a 1.4 teleconverter so that I could catch the action from that distance. They turned out to be my best shots of the night. Always be prepared! 


This evening I'm shooting a local country singer/song writer in downtown Orlando. Today is a part of the Florida Music Festival. Many bands over three days in multiple locations throughout the city. Inside, outside, and in the streets. Each band is allowed 30 minutes, so this will be a quick in and out.


Monday night to end the crazy seven days, I am going to fill out the genre's by shooting Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn. A metal show, my first. This is something I really wanted to do as the subjects move much more than other shows. The lighting is usually brilliant and some really creative compositions can be captured. The venue is tough, as the stage is two feet high and the front row is just five feet back. There isn't a designated photo pit, so the photographer is obstructing the paying customers view. I have bought knee pads just for this occasion, to keep low. None the less, most of the greatest pictures from the greatest concert photographers are taken at metal shows. So I am grateful for the opportunity. I applied for this show just two days ago. Thought that I would get denied as it was so close to the actual concert date, but yesterday I got confirmation that my photo pass and ticket would be at will call.

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The thought that I get to photograph these shows from the best seat in the house and not have to pay for a ticket is really the cool aspect of this profession. The Joe Bonamassa tickets were starting at $140 a seat. I feel extremely privileged. This has been such a hard but satisfying year. I have never really done anything in my life artistically. I am also my worst critic. So, I have actually graduated to have a couple of coaches to help with my portfolio and my concert review skills. I am trying

to be the best at this profession. Well, the best I can be. There is always someone better!