Hard Work and Persistance Paying Off.

I finally did it! After months of contacting bands, publishers, and venues. Just got photo pass approved for The Outlaws and the Artimus Pyle band who was the drummer in Lynyrd Skynyrd. They play all Skynyrd songs at the Plaza Live for Saturday nights show. Next week Cirque De Musica. Spanish Cirque du Soleil.. Thanks to Melissa Crispo’s House of Blues show. It lit a flame under my butt and I jumped all in. Buying the right equipment and learning the craft of the hardest discipline in photography. Low light, fast action, no flash, in a limited amount of time. 3 songs, no flash. Such an adrenaline rush, up close and personal. It’s a sport!

I had a great time. I met a pair of concert photographers that have spent the past 3.5 decades doing what they love. They were so generous with their knowledge and advice. I was able to ask questions and get experienced answers. They were real pros. I was humbled as I was taken seriously with the limited experience I have.

I heard great music and I was taken back to a time in the 70's when listening to music was a big part of my life. These songs brought back really thick memories. Living in Ohio, I was a huge Southern Rock Fan. I had seen the Outlaws back then, but I unfortunately procrastinated about seeing Lynyrd Skynyrd. Little did I know I would never see the original band.  I did see them in 1987 on their concert tour to pay tribute to the members that perished in 1977. It was a very emotional show culminating with a instrumental version of Freebird. A single spotlight illuminating a single microphone stand with the late great Ronnie Van Zant's hat perched a top. As the crowd sang and wiped back tears I can't ever remember a more moving moment at a concert then or since. So here I am 30 years later, Photographing this show. I felt honored for the opportunity.

The Outlaws and I also have a history. I saw them live in 1979. I also talked our high school athletic director to let us use their recording of Green Grass and High Tides as our warmup music before wrestling matches that year. Up until then, rock n roll had no place at high school sporting events. We were the first in our conference, who knows, maybe the first in the state to incorporate music to ready for competition.  

Stay tuned for next weeks CIRQUE DE MUSICA pictures.