Getting Published

I am back from a week off in the woods in Central Michigan. Like usual, I never fired a shot, from a rifle that is. I did however took a few pictures of snowy barns on some local farms. But, the big news is, the freelance gig I got with the local paper paid off as I got a full page with 6 pictures of a pioneer festival I shot the day before I left, I also got a stand alone picture on the front page. I got paid, so I am now a professional photographer. It's not Rock N Roll, but it's a start.

Before I left I had conversations with an online publication in Daytona Beach, Backstage Pass for some pictures I took at the Deland Music Festival sponsored by Songwriters Showcase of America, but it didn't happen. They said maybe next months addition as we were on a hard deadline.

One of the bands from the Deland Festival asked for my rates for a 3 hour photo shoot with 6 band members. We didn't come to terms, but I'm still hopeful.

Then today, the Lakeland Ledger contacted Melissa Crispo to use a photo that she has on her website. Since I had the copy write, I had to give written permission. That will be published on Friday.

Things are moving very fast the past two days since I have been away. Not to mention my 3 other businesses that I had left for the week of woods meditating. Just in time to relax for four days during the Thanksgiving Holiday. I am still waiting for word on a photo pass to shoot Alter Bridge on Friday night at House of Blues. They said there were a lot of Nationally credentialed photographers attending their show as they are hot currently so there maybe no room for a freelance photographer like myself. All I can do is ask, right?

Things are looking up for The Outlaws and Artimus Pyle Band in December. I will update when I hear more. The Osceola News Gazette also has more work for me in the coming weeks.

I have almost accomplished my goal. I am getting close. A lot has happened in the past month, and I am grateful. Goes to show that if you want something bad enough and your not afraid to ask or keep persevering, you can make anything happen.

Enjoy Thanksgiving!