MNPR Magazine Published Me!

Well, it's been almost a year since I started my quest into concert photography. I have gotten the right equipment, I have learned to use it, I have gotten credentials with a local paper, I have used those credentials to help me get photo passes to national shows. Four the past four weeks I have been writing reviews for resent shows, Joe Satriani, Blues Traveler, Uriah Heep, and The local band, The Wait.

I have submitted concert pictures and the reviews to the paper and they decided not to publish any of them. I was initially told by the publisher that he wanted to expand the paper and to keep submitting them to the editor of the Arts and Entertainment section. That gentleman is retiring at the end of the month and apparently has decided to not start publishing anything as edging as rock-n-roll in his last month at the paper. I get it, but hopefully the new editor sees things differently.

Then last week I submitted my reviews and pictures to an online magazine from the UK. The first three reviews,  they passed on, as I submitted them last week, a couple of weeks after the shows. But, Sunday I submitted my newest review and photos of the band The Wait, from Saturday night. They published them! My first concert photo's published. The paper had published my work on two occasions, but they were paid assignments, not concerts. The goal has always been the publishing of my concert photographs.  The first national show I got a photo pass for, "The Outlaws", I met two photographers  Michelle Wilson and Michael G Yanko, they have been making their living for 30 years photographing concerts. Michelle is actually a writer, and a darn good photographer too. So, I decided that I needed to add more than just the pictures, I would also write reviews. I sent her the first review and asked her for input. What I didn't expect was the in depth grading she gave me. We went over the review on the phone and I made the changes. Kind of felt like I was in high school and the teacher was going over my English composition. Michelle Wilson studied English literature at Long Island University. She currently is a Photographer at Rock Legends Photographers and Blues Concert Photos, Staff writer at Live For Live Music and Writer/Photographer at Concert Photos Magazine . Thank You Michelle for your tutelage.  

Last week I answered a post from a publisher who use to be, or still is a concert photographer. Richard Bolwell ,  is looking to expand his music publication, "MNPR Magazine", worldwide. He expects reviews with concert photos. And now I'm published! Check out my first review and concert photo's of "The Wait"

It took 11 months, but if you keep your eye on the prize, work hard, and get the proper training, anything is possible. I have also gotten hiring requests from bands to take their photos. It's not a career, but I am having fun and just when I least expect it, it my pay the bills.