Back From Vacation....Rested and Ready

After spending a week in the Seattle Area photographing landscapes with the new equipment I am home ready to hit a few clubs to checkout my new fixed aperture prime lens. Starting tonight I am going to see Bad Mannerz in Orlando.

Seattle was a completely different vibe as they have a dedicated station to music from that area, or grunge as most know it. The worst part of the trip was on the first day. The passing of Chris Cornell the lead singer of Soundgarden.   The local station played tribute with plenty of Soundgarden, which I love. It was a sad day. 

But, I was on vacation and there was plenty to take up my time hiking into the mountains exploring to located the numerous waterfalls cause my snow melting in the mountains. Checkout the pictures on this site!

The day I got back I went to shoot Melissa Crispo who was performing in a club that was filming bar rescue. I was limited in time as I had to vacate when the TV camera crews entered. But, as the band historian, pictures marked the time. I checked with the band and they only got to play 3 songs. (I was only present for sound check.) then they waited an hour and a half and never finished. They were also filmed during the initial segment, which if you have ever seen the show on Spike, that is where the show degrades the club owner. So, will the band be put into a bad light? All I can say is, there is no such thing as bad press. And if this club gets their stage, sound system, and lights upgraded, the show was worth it. Past shows had a little to be desired. Progress is always good.

Check in the next few days as I will post the latest show.