Getting Credentialed

It's been a few months, we survived a direct hit of Hurricane Irma. The storm played havoc on my other 3 businesses. But, there is always a silver lining. Today I picked up my credentials as a photo journalist for a small local paper. I now have my creds and hopefully this will open doors to the rock n roll venues around Orlando.

I will still have to beg, but I am now employed as a professional. This was my goal in July if you read my post. One piece at a time. November 4, 2017 I will be shooting an outdoor concert with 100 acts. Deland Florida shuts down the streets and erects stages on every corner. It is really a great event and if the weather is nice, one you need to attend as all musicians will be performing their original music. I will be at the main stage for Melissa Crispo's Band at 4:00pm. Say Hi if you stop by. The song writer of the year, and the song of the year are being voted on now. Give it a listen! 

I will continue to add content to the site like I did from a weekend trip to Chicago where I took in the city, Cub's baseball, and a hoping local Blues Bar. Chicago, you are a great town and thanks for having me!

My mind is made up and I am saving for a Nikon 300mm f/2.8 AF VR lens to add to my equipment for concert distance, and outdoor sports. Moving to the next level, so come along for the ride.